Ranthambore: Touring a Learning Destination

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Ranthambore is a place that offers a glimpse into the diverse flora and fauna, the rich history and traditions of Rajasthan without any interference from modern technology. Our visit to this place made us feel at peace, away from the busy and bustling world of the urban cities.

Most resorts in this region maintain a sense of connection to their Rajasthani heritage due to their architectural resemblance to the Quilas (forts). The main attractions of Ranthambore include the Ranthambore Fort, Ranthambore National Park and the Dastkar NGO. The Ranthambore National Park offers a variety of wildlife from majestic tigers to demure gazelles. It is the only place in Rajasthan where tigers exist. Being able to witness the wonders of nature as part of the jungle safari, without bothering the ecosystem, is a rare experience. The park authorities have implemented various measures to maintain and improve the habitat of tigers, including reforestation and managing water sources. During the safari, we learnt that tiger conservation is an important step towards understanding how a species can get extinct and affect the food cycle and the natural ecosystem.

The Ranthambore Fort is open to visitors throughout the year, and it is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in history, architecture, and art. The fort was constructed in the 10th century by the Chauhan dynasty, who ruled the region for several centuries. Over the years, the fort was expanded and fortified by subsequent rulers, including the Mughals and the British. The fort houses many intricately designed gates like Ganesh Pol, Andheri Pol, Hathi Pol and Suraj Pol. We also visited the Trinetra Ganesh temple situated near the fort which is famous for its magnificent idol of Lord Ganesh along with his family members.

Ranthambore also showcased the importance of traditional art and the spirit of rural women through handcrafted souvenirs and other stalls at the Dastkar NGO. The local people work hard with their talent without the perfect amount of education and knowledge to keep up with the modern world, inspiring us to pursue our own passion.
So, Ranthambore is a place where the vibe of Rajasthani culture, art and wildlife come together in their raw form.

Writen By Devyanshi, Dhriti & Vanshika (Delhi Public School Sushant Lok, Gurugram).


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