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We were all looking forward eagerly to our visit to Orlando, as we were excited to visit all the major tourist attractions in the city. As we entered the city we were greeted with beautiful palm trees and perfectly laid clean brick roads. Orlando city is an excellent example of a well-developed city.

DPS Sector 45 Gurugram

The city is filled with greenery and theme parks. The average daily temperature of the city is pleasant as well. We were all surprised to see such a well developed and connected city. The hotels we stayed in were neat and tidy. In the morning, we had a typical American breakfast before heading towards Kennedy Space Centre.

DPS Sector 45 Gurugram

Our visit to the Kennedy Space Centre was one of the highlights of our trip. It featured and exhibited historical spacecrafts. We were all thrilled to see the rocket garden and were surprised to learn that it took so many years to build the perfect space vehicles. We enjoyed learning about space, rockets and Astronauts. Our lunch with Astronaut Winston Scott will always be in our memories. Winston Scott talked about his experience in space and we learned a lot.

DPS Sector 45 Gurugram

We also visited two world famous amusement parks in Orlando. Disneyland and Universal Studios are two magical places with thrilling and mind blowing rides. We had great fun and the Hulk and Ripsaw Falls were our favourite. The Disney Downtown has wonderful stores and restaurants and we had a fantastic time over there.

DPS Sector 45 Gurugram

The exposure that we got in these 5 days was very different from what we had expected. In fact, it was the best. Disneyland, Universal Studios and Kennedy Space Centre had always been our dream destinations and we are thankful to our parents, teachers and EdTerra for providing us with such a unique and amazing opportunity.

DPS Sector 45 Gurugram

Team members: Diya Kalra, Paavni Tandon, Parii Yadav, Pranshul Kataria, Sargun Singh Bhatti, Sarika Singh and Yoshee Jain (DPS, Sector-45 Gurugram).


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