Journey to USA : Through the eyes of a student

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The much anticipated trip to the USA began on 9 May 2018. The trip involved a 3.5 hours flight to Dubai and then a connecting flight to Florida, USA, which was a 15 hours long flight. It was a tiring journey but it was worth it when we landed in the USA. Read more to find why.

St. Mary

The place is actually west to what our country is in the east with its clean roads, maintained places, more organised construction structures and less of clutter. The first day of the trip, we were taken to Walmart which is America’s biggest retail brand. It is one of a kind experience. Every item of need from grocers to cutlery to clothes was available at a reasonable price. The place we stayed in Florida was a beautiful and spacious place with all the amenities from swimming pool to various other games to enjoy yourself. The second day of the trip included Disney World and a third and fourth day we went to NASA (Kennedy Space Centre) and there we were interested to learn about space and had lunch with an Astronaut. The experiences he shared with us made us wonder how difficult it must be for them to go to space and perform all their tasks.

St. Mary

The fifth day of the USA was the best, as we visited Universal Studios and on the sixth day, we went to Niagara Falls. We enjoyed sightseeing in Niagara Falls and boarded the Maid of the Mist ferry, which took us very close to the falls. On the seventh day, we went to New York and saw Statue of Liberty, Times Square and also went for shopping. Being on the Times Square was a wonderful experience. There were people everywhere and everything was so lively there all the time. The ferry ride to the Statue of Liberty gave us a very nice view of the New York skyline and when reached the Liberty Island, we took a lot of photographs with the statue in the background.

St. Mary

Our journey was amazing as we learned and experienced many things and not only did we learn but we also enjoyed this journey. I am sure that I would like to visit the US again in my life.

Written by: Renuka Ugiwal (St. Mary’s School, New Delhi).


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