Jim Corbett – Tiger’s Own Den

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Jim Corbett is a huge national park for many species and rare animals such as tigers. Jim Corbett is the abode for the highest number of tigers in any national park in India. This high number is achieved due to its lush green forest. If you are an animal lover, especially tigers then you should definitely visit Jim Corbett.

Tigers are gifted animals and they are on the list of endangered animals. There are very rare chances of spotting a tiger. When we went on the jungle safari, we were feeling ecstatic as we were desperately waiting to explore the jungle and know about animals. Tigers are pretty good at camouflaging with their background. With the help of their stripes, they can easily merge into the grassland’s background. There are very rare chances of spotting a tiger in the jungle. The guide told us that the wild pigs are just as strong as tigers and because of that, tigers prefer not to attack them because if the tiger does so, their teeth won’t be able to pierce the skin of the pig and their teeth will start to rot quickly. The park has been divided into eight zones to promote tourism among the people who are interested to see animals in close proximity. These zones are Dhikala zone, Bijrani zone, Jhirna zone, Garjiya zone, Sitabani zone, Pakhro zone, Dhela zone and Durga Devi zone.

We all should think about these precious, gifted creatures and save them instead of killing them. We all should grow trees, help these creatures and love them. “Save forests, save animals”

Written by Adhrit Narang (K. R. Mangalam World School, Vaishali).


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