Jim Corbett: The Tiger’s Den

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We, the students of VDJS, visited Jim Corbett from 18th to 20th March. Our first day started at 4 am as we headed for a 10 hour road trip on a bus. When we arrived at Jim Corbett, we received a grand welcome, along with a delicious lunch.

On the second day, we were divided into different safari vehicles. As the cool wind blew on our faces, we felt ready to experience the adventurous wildlife. As we entered the “Ringora” zone, we first saw a herd of spotted deer. They reminded us fondly of the movie “Bambi”. Some of the deer we saw were among the largest deer found in the park. As we moved on, we saw many Rhesus monkeys, commonly found in the Indian subcontinent. It was a thrilling safari ride as our eyes would always be alert and curious, trying to spot as many animals as we could. We were able to spot many birds, especially owls. Mostly, each one of us was eager to come across a tiger. But unfortunately, we could not spot any tigers or leopards. Though, it was exciting to find claw marks on a tree, left by a leopard while climbing it.

The next day, we learnt more about Edward James Corbett, commonly known as Jim Corbett, after whom the National park is named. He was born on 25th July 1875 in Nainital. He was a hunter who killed many man-eating tigers and leopards. In his lifetime, he was also dedicated to protecting wildlife from extinction.

Jim Corbett once stated that “Until India realises that life is an asset, the killing will go on. A country’s fauna is a sacred trust, and I appeal to you to not break your trust.” Visiting Jim Corbett National Park was an unforgettable learning experience.

Writen By Aina, Arshpreet, Anushka, Cynaisha, Meera, Melinda, Paridhee, Pouravi, Roli & Shreeja (Vidya Devi Jindal School, Hisar).


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