Golden Temple: The spiritual center of Sikhism

Posted on Apr 02, 2019 in Student Speak


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Amritsar is well known for its unity and rich culture, the Golden Temple is a perfect example of the same. This spiritual centre was built in 1601 and refurbished by Raja Ranjit Singh. And it is here, we learnt the basics of Sikhism along with its history.

VidhyaGyan School

We enjoyed the day to the fullest. We were excited to visit and learn about the Golden Temple, where we were told about the Five K’s of Sikhism. We felt overjoyed at the sight of the beautiful architecture of the fabulous Temple. After a bit of push and pull, we finally saw what had come to see. The people inside the complex were really very friendly and helpful. We were all asked to cover our heads before entering the temple. We were also asked not to cause chaos by clicking photos in the way. The Prasad we got there was so delicious that we can still taste it in our mouth.

VidhyaGyan School

We inhaled mouth-watering fragrances that from the Langar Bhawan. We stood outside waiting in a queue for a long time. But it was worth the wait when we got to sit in the Gurudwara and have food served to us in the form of Prasad. This was the last thing that we had. After this, we came back to our hotel with the sweet memories of the Golden Temple. We really hope that our blog would inspire you to go on a visit to this place.

VidhyaGyan School

One must visit The Golden Temple at least once in their lifetime. It is extremely peaceful and exciting to be there. The Langar is awesome.

VidhyaGyan School

In conclusion, we learnt a lot about the history of the Golden Temple. The cool water of the Sarovar soothed our burning and tired souls. We think most of our friends became so close to the place that they never wanted to leave it and return to the hotel. Don’t you wish to see such a place?

VidhyaGyan School

Team members: Nidhi Chaurasia, Sejal Pathak, Jyoti Kushwaha and Vaishnavi Saumya (VidyaGyan School).


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