The Golden City of Maharawal Jaisal – By the students of Strawberry Fields High School

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As we all walked through the cobbled and colourful streets of Jaisalmer, we realized that we had been wasting our time thinking about a vacation in Hawaii or Switzerland when the real treasure is here, in Jaisalmer, the city of diverse culture. We would recommend this beautiful city to everyone.

Our first day at Gadi Sagar Lake was magical. The sunrays fell directly into the beautiful lake built in 1367. The sight truly seemed magnificent as the sky and lake showed some of the finest colourful strokes of nature. The story behind this lake was no less interesting.

The next day, we visited the very majestic fort of Jaisalmer. Browsing through the arms on display gave us goose bumps! Thanks to our very knowledgeable guide who helped us to uncover the history of each sword, each room and each banquet hall. When we saw the room where the crowning ceremony of the King took place, it seemed as if Maharawal Jaisal himself was sitting on the King’s throne. It is a very beautiful and well-maintained fort and it looked as if it was swelling with pride.

Patwaon Ki Haveli was no less enchanting. It was magnificent to see the gold ceilings and the good amount of paintings and artwork of the Patwas displayed through the haveli.

Besides our visits to the royal palaces, another place of great interest that we visited was the Kuldhara Village. As we walked amidst the ruins of the mysterious village, we listened to the spooky stories of supernatural activities, and it gave us goose bumps.

Visiting the great Thar Desert that borders the Golden City was again, a unique experience. Our feet seeped into the sands as we ran here and there in the Thar Desert. The jeep safari seemed as if our vehicle had grown wings and was flying without any obstacle through the vast expanses of sand. The next day, at the crack of dawn, we were up and ready to hop on to the ‘ships of the desert’, the naughty but adorable camels, to catch a beautiful sunrise. It was a sight that we will remember forever.

We also caught a glimpse of the rich and diverse culture of the state through the traditional dance and music of Rajasthan at our campsite. Extremely talented dancers and singers made our last evening in Jaisalmer a truly memorable one.

We feel privileged to have joined EdTerra on this program as they helped us to create wonderful memories. Jaisalmer is such an amazing city that cannot be described in words. By walking through the majestic city of Maharawal Jaisal, one gets the feeling of being in truly majestic surroundings.

Written by: Aadya, Aliya, Ashna, Saloni, Tanishka, Bilwal, Ikraj, Aadit, Vdish and Viraj – students of Strawberry Fields High School, Chandigarh, who recently embarked on an ‘Edventure’ to Jodhpur and Jaisalmer, and had the experience of a lifetime.

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