The Lead Teacher/teachers chaperoning the students from the school on EdTerra journeys play a vital role in student safety, student discipline and student engagement with the program. Their partnership with our Journey Mentor and the Local Tour Guides from time to time makes the journey a rich experience for the students.

To help the teachers gain an insight into student safety issues as they travel across India and the world we have compiled certain F.A.Q.s to further aid their vital role:


  • Can we add a certain attraction or visit or shopping time during the journey?

    No, because the itinerary is carefully designed keeping in mind the time and safety aspects and is sealed months in advance. Each change has an impact on the time, budget and safety of the group. We are morally and contractually bound to both parents and the school to deliver the agreed itinerary. Unless it is part of our risk mitigation procedure, we cannot alter the day-by-day itinerary after it has been set and after the journey has begun.

  • I want to visit my relatives at the destination. Is that possible?

    No, because the students at all times are dependent on their chaperon for safety and guidance. While the Journey Mentor is an on-journey education enabler the clear onus of guardianship is on the school teacher(s) accompanying the group.

  • I want my relative at the destination to visit me in the hotel. Is that possible?

    No, we strongly advise against it because it would seriously jeopardise the safety standards and protocols that have been set to protect the interests of your students. It also encourages students to do the same which has the multiple risk exacerbation possibilities.

  • I wish to roam the city at night on my own expense. Is that possible?

    No, because accompanying teachers are required to be with the student group at all times. Also, it is not advisable for any teacher to venture out alone as their safety may be compromised which will have a direct implication on the movement of the group.

  • Can I smoke or drink during the trip?

    No, because while you might be eligible to drink and smoke as per your age and local restrictions, it raises the risk of negative effect of such activities on the students. Also, since the teachers play a vital role in taking critical decisions and actions on journey, the consumption of mind-altering substances clearly thwarts that function.