EdTerra recognizes that each moment spent by a person, especially students in the outdoors is a moment of discovering our self: who we are and how we interact with our environment. We understand how to explore things, capture opportunities and save ourselves from threats. This is especially true when we venture on foreign soil where one may encounter conditions beyond human control such as severe weather, public disorder or transportation delays. While every opportunity is a challenge in disguise and every moment of outdoor experience an avenue of learning for the child, it also has that rare possibility to intensify any existing mental stress if it hasn’t been addressed or brought to notice at the right time.

However, and with that caveat, we feel delighted to tell you that we at EdTerra take pride in our safety approach. EdTerra has dedicated staff that works very hard to keep every student safe. We conduct regular and rigorous trainings for our staff and have clearly laid protocols for emergency procedures. We assess all factors that impact our operations and are able to prepare and share with students, teachers and parents exact areas of concerns, best practices and methods to prepare the student for the safest possible experience.


For every journey, EdTerra conducts safety audits for the critical three:

  • For all international journeys, EdTerra offers a travel insurance to all its travellers which covers health, loss of luggage and loss of passport at the minimum. (T&C Apply)

  • Additionally, EdTerra is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company that follows robust processes and ensures strict code of conduct for its knowledgeable Journey Mentors and students alike.