• Singapore: Island State Metropolis


Why did we choose Singapore?

Singapore is simply and truly a must experience for students. This incredibly clean, proud and organized nation provides a glimpse to young minds of what a country can achieve in less than 50 years; from able governance, high per capita income to cutting edge technology.


What does this journey offer?

Singapore exposes student travellers to sights and experiences that will get their hearts racing and their brain waves firing. The best of science, entertainment and wildlife will unfold in an action packed adventure of learning, fun and enjoyment.

Core Lessons/

  • Vision of a Planned World City
  • Town Planning & Space Optimization
  • Effective Writing Techniques


Singapore: Island State Metropolis

  • China Town
  • Little India
  • Orchard Street
  • Gardens by the Bay
  • Merlion Park
  • How Lee Kuan Yew Changed a Nation
  • Emergence of Singapore as World City
  • The Planet's Richest, Safest and Cleanest City
  • Night Safari
  • Sentosa Island
  • Jurong Bird Park
  • Universal Studios
  • The Second Smallest Nation in Asia
  • The High Standards of Living
  • The Immaculate Cleanliness
  • The Great 'Toilet to Tap' Project



  • Fly to Singapore
  • Arrival in Singapore as per flight schedule
  • Meet and greet your EdTerra journey mentor at the airport
  • City Orientation Bus Tour
  • Dinner, followed by hotel check-in
  • Young Authors Program
  • Overnight in the hotel


  • Breakfast in the hotel
  • Visit Jurong Bird Park
  • Lunch
  • Orchard Street
  • Night Safari
  • Dinner
  • Young Authors Program Overnight in the hotel


  • Breakfast in the hotel
  • Science Center
  • Lunch
  • Sentosa Island
  • Dinner
  • Young Authors Program
  • Overnight in the hotel


  • Breakfast in the hotel
  • Universal Studios
  • Meal Credit
  • Mustafa (if time permits)
  • Young Authors Program
  • Overnight in the hotel


  • Breakfast in the hotel and check-out
  • Transfer to airport as per flight schedule
  • Fly to India


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q  Who can attend an EdTerra overseas journey?


    Any student of your school in the age group of 11-17 years is welcome to join this program provided the child faces no serious medical conditions which may be difficult to address satisfactorily during the journey. Also, any adult who is not a member of the school staff or management is not allowed to join the school group.

  • Q  How do we choose the teachers to accompany our student group?


    As teachers are the legally appointed guardians of the students for the entire course of the journey, it is advisable that the selected teacher/s are experienced and have the capacity to address issues related to student safety, well-being and behavior. Physical fitness and international travel experience are added advantage as most international programs are fast-paced and hectic.

  • Q  What is the recommended teacher: student ratio?


    The industry practice is of 1 adult per 10 students (1:10), but some international schools prefer a ratio of 1:7.

  • Q  What guarantee does EdTerra provide for securing a visa?


    The visiting country’s Embassy/ Consulate has the power to either grant/decline the visa request of any applicant. EdTerra can facilitate the submission of visa application documents or help secure an interview with the Embassy/Consulate; however it cannot be held responsible in any way for the grant or decline of the visa.

  • Q  What about our students’ safety during the journey?


    Underpinning each EdTerra journey is the concern to address student safety at all levels. Being an ISO 9001: 2008 company, EdTerra complies with globally accepted standards for efficient processes, including rigorous safety standards.

  • Q  How can the parents stay in touch with their children during the journey?


    The accompanying EdTerra Journey Mentor provides daily updates on the EdTerra Facebook page (like us at edterraindia), along with photographs of the day’s activities for parents to keep a track of the journey progress. Parents are also provided with contact details of the hotels where students will be staying during the journey. Also, the school may permit students to carry their mobiles with international SIM cards.

  • Q  Can some students stay back after the journey to visit their relatives or friends?


    On account of student safety, EdTerra does not allow any child to stay back after the journey. For every EdTerra journey the rule is simple, you fly out of your home country as a group and you return as a group.

  • Q  Will our school group be merged with any other school group?


    The costing for an EdTerra journey is done on the minimum group size of 30 full paying participants. If you have 30 more paying participants then your group will not be merged with any other group. In the event that the school is unable to provide the minimum number of paying participants before 60 days of the scheduled departure date of journey, EdTerra Edventures Pvt Ltd reserves the right to merge the school group with another school group. This ensures that two or more smaller groups are able to travel economically. In such a case there is a possibility that the two groups may vary in age. In the event that the minimum number is not achieved through merging groups, EdTerra reserves the right to either postpone or cancel the journey.

  • Q  What kind of food can we expect during our overseas journey?


    EdTerra provides wholesome and hygienic food during the journey. An ample variety of local cuisine is provided as a part of the travel experience. Effort is made to provide at least one Indian meal each day, preferably dinner.

  • Q  What kind of clothing should the students carry for the journey?


    Depending on the location and time/season of travel, EdTerra will provide an exhaustive to-pack list, enabling students to pack appropriately for the journey.

  • Q  Will EdTerra facilitate the purchase of foreign currency and international SIM cards?


    EdTerra does not facilitate the purchase of foreign currency or international SIM cards. The same can be procured directly by the parents from any authorized foreign exchange agency or SIM provider.


Singapore: Island State Metropolis

From schools, with love

"EdTerra is an education company. The entire US Edventure was a testimony to their commitment... Such an inspirational journey!"

Brother L.D. Lobo
Principal, St. Columbas' School

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