Imagine every child as an Author!

Interesting Fact: EdTerra is the largest publisher of student-authored publications in the world!

A simple 3-step process

A simple 3-step process for students and a layered, intense, multi-team execution model for EdTerra, Young Authors Program lays the foundation for students to understand teamwork, leadership, communication skills and cultural awareness altogether. It allows them to research, analyze and articulate their findings, thoughts and ideas in the shape of a high-end publication that they author and shoot.


Introduction to the destination through learning session/ workshop


Introduction to and hands-on practice of collaborative research, effective writing and travel photography


The student generated articles and travel photographs are transformed into world-class publications

How is it Beneficial?

Classic Coffee Table Book Format for Going Global Programs

Magazine Format for India Discovery Programs

Highly Demonstrable Value Output

All students get their own:

Every EdTerra Student Publication comes with:

  • Student authors’ biographies
  • Message from the Principal
  • Student articles
  • Student documented photographs from the journey

How does this help a Student’s Career?

The program output connects the following opportunities with their respective benefits.


  • Undergraduate Admissions
  • Post-Graduate Admissions
  • Applying for that first job
  • Thinking of that first
    entrepreneurial venture


  • “Highlight in CV”
  • “Topic of conversation in interview”
  • “Interesting perspective in GD”
  • “Experience of collaborative projects
    with a proof of successful result”

The following programs are also available with select journeys:

Young Photographers Program & Young Filmmakers Program

Please request the EdTerra Representative for more details.