Cultural sensitisation with an accepting, mature attitude is the core of our Truly Educational promise. An effective way to transform students into World Citizens! This is how we map it.

Benefits of The EdTerra Worldview Mapping

Highly Demonstrable Value Output

The School Head receives:

    • The Student Worldview Report

Every Student Worldview Report includes:

    • Action Points on specific attitudinal situations
    • Analysis of individual student perception transformation
    • Analysis of school group’s perception transformation
    • Analysis of participating teacher(s) worldview transformation (On request)

How can the school use this report?

Serves as an indicator of school’s contribution in creating their students’ progressive worldview

How does this help a Student’s Career?



Correcting A WORLDVIEW

With the help of the above transformations, the student is able to genuinely project 
global empathy and open-mindedness during the following opportunities:

  • Undergraduate Admissions
  • Graduate/ Post-Graduate Admissions
  • Applying for that first job
  • Thinking of that first entrepreneurial venture
  • Working in a multi-cultural workplace

Why is Worldview Mapping Important ?

“Open-minded candidates who can think on a global scale and are sensitive to cultures other than their own are preferred across institutions all over the world.”