Why Camp Leadership

“Today’s Youth, Tomorrow’s Leader” is a clichéd expression for today’s times. Our change-makers, entrepreneurs, political leaders are young and highly motivated individuals with the drive to transform their visions into reality. The youth of the world is taking center stage of leadership as we speak, and our young ones are just raring to go and shine on that stage.

Camp Leadership aims at nurturing the idea of leadership at a young age in the minds of our children so that they are equipped with the right attitude, skills and qualities to be change makers of our society. The camp is designed to engage youth with their inner selves and assists them to explore their emotions, and their relationship with other people and their larger environment. It is designed to empower youth to identify their leadership potential and foster essential life-skills.

About the Campsite

The peaceful campsite is nestled at the foothills of the inspiring Himalayan mountain range. What better opportunity than a serene retreat where they get the space for self-reflection, gain insight from nature and draw inspiration from like minded youth who’ve set out to make a difference not just in their own lives, but the community at large.

What will be achieved?

During Camp Leadership, the youth with take part in a series of meticulously designed sessions. Each session will focus on the various elements of leadership, what they actually mean for them at individual levels and introduce them to tools that they can use in their everyday life for effective communication, making positive life-choices, managing conflicts and above all produce better outcome in whatever they delve into.

What will the child take back?

Camp Leadership is the perfect environment for a child to explore their emotions, deal with their fears and anxieties, engage in positive communication and sow the seeds of their dreams for the future. While the youth at the camp marvel at the magnificent beauty of nature, this immersive experience will help them value their own existence in the universe and feel empowered to be a good leader. During the camp, the youth will develop a basic understanding of qualities and skills of good leadership. Notwithstanding the various certificates and appreciation badges, their daily journal and many other tools of encouragement and reflection that will be a part of this holistic learning experience. This summer will facilitate a transformative experience for the child. By participating in a series of activities that engages them with their self and explores their interaction with their surroundings, the child is bound to blossom into a positive, confident and empathetic human being.


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