• ISRO — Space Science & Cultural Exploration Program


Why did we choose ISRO?

With respect to India’s ascendancy in scientific innovation, ISRO’s Sriharikota High Altitude Range is the location for students to delve into what goes into the planning, execution, and implementation of India’s space program. Moreover, Chennai is a large metropolis with rich cultural heritage. Rooted in British colonial past and bustling maritime trade, Chennai offers a combination of tradition and modernity in one homogeneous space. The union territory of Puducherry, once again, provides a glimpse into French colonist rule and practice of ancient meditation techniques, now being acclaimed at the global level.


What does this journey offer?

A guided and interactive tour of the ISRO facility at Sriharikota lets students gain an in-depth understanding of India’s accomplishments in outer space exploration. Besides learning about its coveted history, the visitors will also get a chance to know the developments made in the present decade and what has been envisioned for the future.
Visiting Chennai’s major landmarks such as Marina Beach and San Thome Cathedral will enlighten the students about the region’s history and cultural traditions. Further, students will be able to study different aspects of ancient temple architecture at Mahabalipuram. By visiting Auroville in Puducherry, students will be able to observe the practice of Supramental Yoga as popularised by Sri Aurobindo.

Core Lessons/

  • Space Science & Exploration
  • Preservation of Cultural Heritage
  • Indian Spiritual Traditions


ISRO — Space Science & Cultural Exploration Program

  • Chennai
  • Sriharikota
  • Mahabalipuram
  • Puducherry
  • Colonial History
  • Ancient Temple Architecture
  • Scientific Research & Innovation
  • Visit to Space Museum
  • Walking on Marina Beach
  • Pristine Atmosphere of Matrimandir
  • Remnants from Colonial Times
  • Advanced Space Technology
  • Rich Artistic & Architectural Heritage
  • Traditional Yogic Practices



  • Arrival in Chennai as per the flight schedule.
  • Hotel check-in
  • Lunch
  • KNOWLEDGE SESSION: Journey orientation, team division, and introduction to EdTerra’s Media Project: Travel Journalists Program, Podcasting, & Blogging
  • MEDIA PROJECT: Student teams collaboratively begin writing their Student Travel Chronicle articles

DAY 2: CHENNAI (History, Geography, & Culture)

  • Visit India’s longest beach spreading over 12 km — Marina Beach — and observe the Marina Beach Lighthouse facing the Bay of Bengal
  • Visit San Thome Cathedral reflecting colonial influences in late medieval era
  • MEDIA PROJECT: Student teams collaboratively compile their blogposts

DAY 3: SRIHARIKOTA (Space Science & Research)

  • Learn about Indian space programme and its accomplishments at ISRO’s SDSC-SHAR (Satish Dhawan Space Centre-Sriharikota High Altitude Range)
  • Explore the ISRO facility through an interactive tour
  • MEDIA PROJECT: Student teams collaboratively record their podcast

DAY 4: MAHABALIPURAM (Ancient History & Religious Architecture)

  • Visit one of the oldest towns in Kanchipuram — Mahabalipuram
  • Observe the elaborately carved temples and rock-cut caves built by the Pallava rulers
  • Learn about different aspects of the Dravida style of temple architecture
  • Drive to Puducherry
  • Dinner & hotel check-in
  • MEDIA PROJECT: Student teams collaboratively continue writing their Student Travel Chronicle articles

DAY 5: PUDUCHERRY (Colonial History & Spiritualy)

  • Visit major landmarks of Puducherry to understand the influences of French colonial rule on Indian territory
  • See how the unique and diverse community of numerous devotees lead their lives at Sri Aurobindo Ashram
  • Visit Matrimandir in Auroville to see how Integral or Supramental Yoga is practised
  • MEDIA PROJECT: Student teams submit their Student Travel Chronicle articles, podcast recordings, and blog manuscripts to their Journey Mentor(s)
  • PROGRAM CLOSING & FELICITATIONS: Student individuality and creativity are acknowledged and celebrated through award of badges and certificates
  • Transfers to the airport
  • Return flight


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q Who can attend this program?


    Any student of your school in the age group of 7-17years (Class II- XII) is welcome to join this program provided the child faces no serious medical conditions which may be difficult to address satisfactorily during the journey. Also, any adult who is not a member of the school staff or management is not allowed to join the school group.

  • Q What are the requirements for the accompanying teachers for a student group?


    As teachers are the legally appointed guardians of the students for the entire course of the journey, it is advisable that the selected teacher/s are experienced and have the capacity to address issues related to student safety, well-being and behavior. Physical fitness and travel experience are added advantage as most programs are fast-paced and hectic.

  • Q What is the recommended teacher: student ratio?


    The accepted industry practice is of 1 adult per 10 students (1:10).

  • Q What about our students’ safety during the journey?


    Underpinning each EdTerra journey is the concern to address student safety at all levels. Being an ISO 9001: 2008 company, EdTerra complies with globally accepted standards for efficient processes, including rigorous safety standards.

  • Q How can the parents stay in touch with their children during the journey?


    The accompanying EdTerra Journey Mentor provides daily updates on the EdTerra Facebook page (like us at edterraindia), along with photographs of the day’s activities for parents to keep a track of the journey progress. Parents are also provided with contact details of the hotels where students will be staying during the journey. The school may permit students to carry their mobiles or share the number of the lead teacher.

  • Q Can students meet/visit/stay back with their relatives or friends?


    On account of student safety, EdTerra does not allow any child to meet/visit any relatives during the journey. For every EdTerra journey the rule is simple, you move out of your school/city as a group and you return as a group.

  • Q What kind of food can we expect during our journey?


    EdTerra provides wholesome and hygienic food during the journey. An ample variety of local cuisine is provided as a part of the travel experience.

  • Q What kind of clothing should students carry for the journey?


    Depending on the location and time/season of travel, EdTerra will provide an exhaustive to-pack list, enabling students to pack appropriately for the journey.

  • Q Do you undertake overnight travel?


    Depending upon the program selected, distance from home city and duration of the program, overnight travel may be considered as an option for travel to/ from the destination.

  • Q What is the minimum group size required to conduct a journey?


    EdTerra journeys operate on a minimum group size of 30 paying pax, and multiples thereof.


ISRO — Space Science & Cultural Exploration Program

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