Terra Talk

Terra Talk by EdTerra is a unique travel-education podcasting platform, which enables students’ voices to reach the world. This is a project-based program in which we, at EdTerra, help the travelling students to organise themselves in a team that will work together to script and record their voice, talking about a particular aspect of their journey and learning. They will handle sound-recording equipment, write the script, undertake equipment checking and sound-checks, rehearse and do a final recording.

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Bloggers Inc. Program

A platform for students to write their travel experience in the form of weblog and also learn how to express themselves as a travel blogger.

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Travel Journalists Program

This is an on-journey tool created by EdTerra to enable students to photograph and record their domestic Indian excursions and journey experiences in a magazine format which is produced and published by EdTerra Edventures.   

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Young Authors Program

Young Authors Program lays the foundation for students to understand teamwork, leadership, communication skills and cultural awareness altogether. It allows them to research, analyze and articulate their findings, thoughts and ideas in the shape of a high-end publication that they author and shoot.

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