Making young voices reach out to the world

With Terra Talk, our podcasting platform, your students showcase their media literacy and self-expression to the world. We capture student experience and learning right at the moment of self-reflection, before they forget.


How is it beneficial?

With Terra Talk, we make the microphone accessible to students so they may discover their voices, while getting exposed to scripting, recording, and voice aesthetics.

  • Students grow as critical thinkers, activate leadership skills, practise democratic skills, and develop as expressive individuals and confident speakers free to voice their opinions.
  • Importantly, with Terra Talk, a ready-access record of the students’ voices published to the world is available as a source of unending confidence, and for helping them in college admissions and job applications.
  • Currently, students volunteer to to do a podcast. We can extend the program to the entire group on the basis of student aspirations.

Listen to students talk about their EdTerra experience here: