What our busy bees do to ensure a
Truly Educational student school trip experience?

Shonu Chandra


Shonu is known as an experimental educationist, philanthropic media person and a motivated and focused traveler. After his PGD – Children, Youth & Development (ISS, The Hague), he worked closely with various companies, broadcast channels, NGOs with children from marginalized communities across India and now, EdTerra. He has also designed, trained, supervised and evaluated Child-Led Media Projects in Africa and Asia apart from his association with the Education Department of Brown University for ArtsLits program. His perceptively made films helped the children articulate, and sensitized the world to their plight. These films won many awards including the ‘One World Media Special Achievement Award – 2003’. Incidentally, he is the second Asian to be conferred this prestigious award. He is a ‘continuous learner’ and endorses the credence that children have the wisdom of the ancient sages and are his best teachers. He wants the children of today also to see life in all its universality and totality and since the world is interconnected and has to be collaborated, the children must travel and overcome cultural boundaries.

Sumit Aggarwal

Head of Innovations and Strategic Alliances
With a background in business administration and creative writing in addition to being an experienced marketing professional and a published writer, Sumit brings an innovative approach to management and communications at EdTerra. He is an alumnus of University of Delhi, the International Management Institute, New Delhi, and City, University of London. At EdTerra, he is heading innovative communications and student learning projects and connecting with potential organisational partners for growth whose missions could potentially align with EdTerra’s goal of making every student journey a life transforming experience.

Sohail Azam

Sr. Manager – Operations (Domestic Journeys)
With a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work, Sohail was able to realize his passion for working with children through various NGOs. He went on to get a Masters in Mass Communication and subsequently worked with a news channel before moving into education television. He is currently excited by the challenge of empowering learning by mixing education, adventure, media and travel.

Rajarshi Banerjee

Sr. Manager – Digital solutions
Raj has a love for breaking things before putting them back together. This probably led him to temporarily dwell out of IT to pursue his diploma in editing, where he breaks and joins images to tell compelling stories. He has worked across the country empowering marginalized children to raise their issues through short video documentaries. His passion is to look at ways in which media can be used to empower learning processes. While he loves to lead students into foreign lands, he also finds time to keep the organization plugged in and connected.

Aastha Dhingra

Sr. Sales Manager
Aastha Dhingra is a young and dynamic marketing professional who believes that teamwork and clear communication is the key to success. She works tirelessly to complete projects and meet deadlines. Her experiences in the world of advertising make her creative and able to think out of the box. A keen learner with matching enthusiasm and energy makes her an excellent team player. She strives to excel and honor her commitments.

Sumant Vij

Regional Head – North

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