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Mansha Jain
Scottish High School, Gurugram

It was an amazing camp. The stay was very comfortable. Students had a great time with all the adventure activities and games. The mentors ensured that everything was properly arranged. The highlight of the camp was DJ time and the bonfire.

Rakhi Dhankhar
January 24, 2019
Scottish High School, Gurugram

We really enjoyed a lot. The coordinators are so warm and loving. Full of fun and energy. They really made us enjoy the tour. Food, Company, Place everything is the best. Keep it up, guys. You really deserve 5 stars. I love to join your camp again.👍 ⭐️

Prakhar Pandey
TMS Lucknow

“Some ways are fast, some ways are slow, the way that’s the best is the way that you go! “

I had my best experience of travelling and exploring with EdTerra. Perfect itinerary, full on managed and awesome journey mentors everytime. 100% comfort and luxurious experience. All the best team EdTerra.

Nupur Anand
December 2, 2018
TMS Noida, Sector-41

Time Camping… isn’t spent.. It is invested!

Little adventurers of classes 3,4&5 of The Millennium School, explored nature and experienced fun by camping in the beautiful hills of Chail in Himachal Pradesh. The power-packed group indulged themselves in the best of activities arranged by Edterra group that include trekking, sky gazing, high rope course, fly Fox, nature walk, bonfire and dancing. It was a thorough enjoyment and self-exploration for the students as they voluntarily took up every challenge and enjoyed every moment of the trip. A time absolutely invested in learning and experiencing the beautiful world we have.

Varshaa Bardhan Ghosh
December 30, 2018
New Town School, Kolkata

School trips are an occasion to cherish in a student’s life. It is also an opportunity with the tremendous potential to inspire the students, to help them learn from the natural surroundings as well as from one another. With this objective in mind, a group of 12 students from The Newtown School of standard 4, 5 and 6 embarked on a winter excursion to Kambre in Maharashtra which unlocks a wide range of engaging and enriching experiences to ensure that the potential for learning is optimised for the students. I strongly believe that human beings learn best through interactions. The nature of interaction determines the nature of learning. For the pre-teen mind, interaction with each other, with a learned and engaging supervisor, with natural surroundings and a mix of adventure has the potential to have a lifelong positive impact on their personality. In that sense, the Kambre excursion was packed with vital outdoor experiences in a controlled and safe environment which introduced the students to a new experience and taught them to survive in conditions different from our everyday experience. Through elements of action, reflection and transference, the various activity modules introduced unfamiliar and challenging environments where the young minds learnt to make decisions, develop resilience and enhance problem-solving and creative skills along with the ability to establish trust and collaborate with one another. The peaceful environs of the campsite was a perfect location to explore the beauty of nature as well as appreciate the challenges that it may throw at humankind. The terrain was perfect to introduce the students to the outdoors and interact with nature. The students took part in a series of structured outdoor adventure sessions each day. While the outdoor sessions like rock climbing, rappelling, zip lining, trekking, hiking and river raft sailing helped the students to lose the fear and inhibitions; the social sessions like games, bonfire night and constellation programme provided an opportunity for camaraderie. I strongly feel that this immersive experience will help them value their own existence in the universe and feel empowered. They will lose inhibitions and would take back willingness to participate in developmental and collaborative activities within their curricular and social domains. More tangibly, they will have a unique understanding of various forms of expression. Besides, the friendships formed and the bonds created during this excursion will forever be etched in the impressionable minds of our young adventurers.

Thank you Team Ed Terra, especially Vibhav and Ankita for this wonderful experience.

Jyoti Kaul
December 30, 2018
Springdales School, Pusa Road

We had a great time in Jaipur with EdTerra

Well organised trip to Jaipur. Excellent services, very good care of children, very energetic journey mentors. We enjoyed block printing, puppetry show, activity in Amer Fort, sundial activity in Jantar Mantar. YAP program was full of Brain Storming. The trip was full of education, learning and enjoyment.


Student traveler
July 20, 2015
H C School

I had so much fun!

I went into this trip not knowing what to expect, I wasn’t at all excited until I got off the plane. I developed a wordly perspective and realized just how big the world is. I hadn’t been over seas before, and it was truly an experience I’ll never forget. I got close with all the people in my group, and we’re still best friends! (In fact, we got together again the day after we got back!) I can’t wait until next year. I would love everyone to have the same experience I did.

Mineral Wells
July 20, 2015
St. Joseph Sr Secondary


This tour was amazing. Everything and anything that could be seen in Spain and Italy, we saw. It was an awesome learning experience and it really opened my eyes as to what it’s like to live in a culture so much different from ours. I enjoyed the time spend on this trip thoroughly and I’m going to miss it a lot!