• Because you are FEARLESS


Why Camp Fearless?

Designed for mid-aged teenagers (14-16 years), this exciting 6-day Camp feeds and stimulates the Fearless aspect of their being.

How important is this? Lets seek help from Superman to understand. There are two types of Superman. One is an alien from Krypton and physically superior. The other Superman, however, is simply human.

The famous philosopher Friederich Nietzche (Knee – cher) gave the world the concept of an emotionally superior Superman. And with these superpowers anyone would:

  • Be able to affect history indefinitely
  • Be able to face life
  • Look back with satisfaction, realising that all pasts make him what he is today, and hence feel happy if he were to repeat that very same life eternally
  • Be content with his life and appreciate every bit of it even though some pain and suffering came his way.
  • Spend each day of his life creating beauty, which inspires others
  • Know that his life has values and meanings that is greater than what scares him

All of us, especially teenagers, are full of anxieties and fear – more imagined than real. For them, every experience brings excitement as well as dread. While excitement propels them, at times, overpowering sense of fear hampers their happiness and participation. This is where even a spark of self-inspiration can help them make sense of the cause of that dread. This is critical to their chances of success in the challenging modern world. The best part is that at Camp Fearless they sing, dance, rock-climb, role-play and gameplay their way to fearlessness.

About the Campsite

Nestled deep in the Himalayas, the Go Direct Camp Fearless is a retreat for adventurers, wisdom seekers and nature lovers alike. Crisp and clear night skies surrounded by a vantage of lush green mountains make it a perfect setting for reflecting on oneself. Apart from hours of outdoor adventure in a peaceful and serene
environment every day, campers enjoy dynamic sessions in the Philosopher’s Salon, they reflect on their place in the universe under the starry night skies, feel the aromatic forest air and experience the thrill of frequent sightings of resident mountain birds.

What will the Fearless camper experience?

Do you know of the Greek word ‘Eudemonia’? It refers to fulfilment, which is much grander than mere fleeting happiness. Fulfilment protects against anxiety and fear. A young mind that understands fulfilment will tend to come out happy in the direst situations. This is what we want the young minds to achieve for themselves.

This exceptional Camp Fearless combines the best of outdoor adventures, outdoor survival, general teenage psychology and ancient Greek philosophy to create activities and modules designed to catch the attention of the vibrant young mind and channel it into cultivating healthy, happy and creative habits. Carefully designed
sessions help them understand fear, learn to distinguish between illusory fears and real ones and tame their anxieties. Your child will be able to look at their own actions from an outsider’s as well as an insider’s point of view. She will be inspired to develop independence in thought and action.

What will the Fearless Camper take back home?

The Fearless camper will take back a habit of inspired living. In these six days the camper will endeavour to imbibe different point of views and methods to tackle fear and anxiety. They will take back techniques on kick starting creativity, on using art versus fear as well.

The learning in their minds aside, they will take back tangible tools like the Notebook of Anxiety, the Notebook of Envy, totems to fight fear, and different kinds of inspirations that will guide them long after the camp is over.

Head Educator


Arindita brings in her facilitation practice, boundless energy and life lessons she has gathered from her experiences working with communities, facilitating children with special needs and at-risk youth, and her stint in media, documentary film-making and book publishing. After graduating in Mass Communication from Delhi University, she went on to get an Advanced Professional Diploma in Training and Behavioural Management, as well as a Diploma in Experiential Education and Practices. She has facilitated at PYE Global Network’s Power of Hope Youth Camp (Whidbey Island, USA) and extensively uses art, music, theater and games as tools of facilitation. As a strong believer in the creative community model, at EdTerra she designs experiences with a wide ambit of impactful activities beyond the mundane. She is an avid traveller, reader, blogger, a lover of world cinema, an information junkie and a lover of graphic novels.




A Day by Day Adventure Summary

day 1:

Eye of the Tiger From the age of the early man to the present day modern civilisation, the world we are born in has changed a lot. Campers will get a basic introduction to the evolution of our civilisations and the inherent growth in fear perception and anxieties to understand the real sources of our distress. In a uniquely designed session called ‘Strangers’ campers will experience how kindness and empathy towards oneself and others provides ultimate cures for most of our fears and anxieties. They also experience a simple every day exercise to rip their fear and anxiety apart and go right to the solution. We call it the Anxiety Notebook exercise. With this, the camper takes that first step into Fearless living. The day ends with a perspective on how one could dance his/her way out of fear! With this, the camper takes that first step into Fearless living.

day 2:

Me Against Myself Fears happen at two plains - the physical level and the mental level. Both must be tackled. In that spirit the campers begin their training to tackle anxieties caused by the physical terrain. Today they have the first session of Rock Climbing. Over the course of days they are ready to learn that fear of physically challenging environment, fear of heights, fear of trust et al can all be tackled with training and trust building. Today, the campers congregate at the Philosopher’s Salon for their 2nd round of Fearless sessions to tackle fears that we as individuals impose on ourselves:
  • Fear of not being good looking,
  • Fear of boredom,
  • Fear of sadness,
  • Fear of loneliness,

day 3:

Running With the Wolves Campers move to the Techniques of Climbing in addition to Wilderness Survival Skills that will come handy during the exciting finish to this day. In the Philosophers’ Salon today, the Fearless Campers assail fears and anxieties caused simply because of us being social animals. The groups of friends and family and outsiders we interact with create stress for us sometimes. This day campers learn to think more and better about Status Anxiety, FOMO or Fear of Missing out, Fear of Inadequacy and one of the most fun fears to overcome - the fear of dancing. They even learn to look at the feeling of Envy as a friend and not as a negative feeling. The day ends with an Outdoor Survival Adventure Trek in the company of expert campers, mountaineers and the Camp Chief. They build their own shelter, find direction and cook food getting over the fears of getting lost, fear of the dark and fear of hunger.

day 4:

Icky, Sticky Fears Today, campers take on Rappelling. And, at the Philosophers’ Salon today, they tackle certain really tricky and sticky fears. They look fear of rejection in the eye and say, “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.” They tell every fear of disagreement or argument that, “To Argue, Is My Birthright!” And while at it they learn to make a stellar first impression with the full force of their personality. Last but not the least, today they learn to talk to not just one, but to all the people, all at once, without breaking a sweat!

day 5:

When Life Gives You Fears, Make Art To further celebrate their spirit of freedom from fear the campers will take on the exhilarating task of climbing twelve feet of mountain rock – unaided! They take over their fear of heights, fear of trust and fear of their own limitations. Plus, Today we break open the world of art and creativity for the campers who understand how Art is Therapy and how Art is the best antidote to fear. We deconstruct art. We demystify creativity. We remove the harnesses of forethought from the pleasure of creating something with freedom of expression and without self-judgement. Students experience Freewriting, Freedoodling, create their own utopia - a Patronus charm (those who understand the world of wizardry will know what we are talking about and others will find out) to act as their guiding light leading them out of fear and much more. The day ends with a highly challenging creative assignment. This one will take the contribution of each and every team member to succeed.

day 6:

Roar of The Fearless: The Fearless Tamasha! Today packs back-to-back fun with The Fearless Tamasha. Students learn from each other, present their views and reviews through theatre style presentations purely using the tools, techniques and methods they have acquired over all the previous sessions to overcome fear and to spark creativity. Right after the theatre presentations, the award ceremony happens this day acknowledging the phenomenal participation with the camp and extraordinary initiative. Students discover the philosopher or the love of wisdom in them they never thought they had. Campers then head back to their hometowns equipped with tools and techniques to fight fear. All of them travel even lighter than when they arrived. They leave some of their fears behind.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q  Who should attend this Camp?

    A   Any child between 14 and 16 years of age is welcome to join the Camp.
  • Q  How many participants can be expected to attend?

    A   Your child can expect a maximum of 30 other kids for company. The Camp strength has been kept down to provide personalised attention to individual participants and for the effective execution of the program activities.
  • Q  Should they carry their laptop or Ipad?

    A   The students are welcome to carry these electronic gadgets however they themselves will be responsible for the safe-keeping of the equipment.
  • Q  What happens if the equipment is stolen or damaged?

    A  Our campsites are very safe where no external person is allowed. This includes the parents as well as the relatives and friends of the instructors and other camp staff. However, in the highly unlikely event of theft, EdTerra cannot be held responsible. In the event equipment is damaged because of neglect, misuse or fight between participants, EdTerra cannot be held responsible for the same.
  • Q  What sort of accommodation can my child expect?

    A   Accommodation will be in tents at a well-furnished campus with all the basic amenities (electricity with certain time limit at few campsites, running water, hot food, etc.). Each tent will be shared by minimum of 4 and maximum of 6 children. Girls and Boys shall have separate accommodation.
  • Q  What will the adult: child ratio? And who all shall be part of the camp?

    A   The ratio of the students while travelling is 1:10 and on campus is 1:7. The camp shall have A) Campus Chief - who shall be over all facilitator of the camp and main mentor for the students. B) Activity Chief- An expert in the chosen activity. C) Program Leader/ Journey Mentors - Trained EdTerra Educators who shall assist the AC and the CC. D) Doctor - Doctor on call.
  • Q  What about my child's safety during the camp?

    A   Your child's safety is of paramount importance to us. The Campus chief leading this Camp has been trained by EdTerra on child protection, child behaviour and development, health and safety, activity program delivery, EdTerra's code of conduct, policies and procedures.The Activity Chief will accompany the children on all activities along with the JM. All the staff members are qualified to administer First Aid.
  • Q  What things should my child bring to this Camp?


    Post registration, EdTerra will provide an exhaustive to-pack list, enabling participants to pack appropriately for the journey.

  • Q  What sort of toilets can my child expect?

    A   Most of the campsites have attached toilets (western style). Some campsites might have toilet at a maximum distance of 80 m from the tents. Incase the toilets are not attached we shall have separate washroom and toilets for girls and boys.
  • Q  What sort of food can my child expect?

    A   At the campsite normally vegetarian food. Nonveg is served twice during the program, on the first and the last day. Our menu has good variety and is designed to balanced taste and nutrition.
  • Q  Is there any preparation required prior to travelling for the camp?

    A   A) Outdoor camps does involve a lot of walking. It is recommended that the participants do engage routinely in some physical exercise to build their stamina for the camp. B) In case the child is prone to motion sickness, do inform the travel leaders and avoid eating heavy oily food prior to the journey. C) Tetanus shot before the camp is compulsory, EdTerra does not encourage an vaccines to be given at the campsites unless necessary.
  • Q  How will the students travel to the campsite?

    A   A Students will travel from New Delhi Railway Station (Ajmeri Gate) to Haridwar by Shatabdi and futher on by bus. Please contact us for more details.
  • Q  How can we stay in touch with our child while he/she is at the camp?

    A   We operate in wilderness areas where internet connectivity is intermittent. Mobile phones are not allowed on the campsites. Incase of an emergency on camp, the staff shall contact you directly on the emergency number provided by you on the form. Incase of an emergency from your side, please leave a message on our emergency number and we shall connect you with your child at the earliest. ** Note since the children are at times outside the campsite there might be a delayed response time. We will keep posting updates on our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/edterraindia) as and when they are sent in by our campus chief, we shall try our level best to post pictures of camp but, the photos posted may or may not feature your child or all participants at once. Each photograph will represent the conditions at the camp indicating that it is running smoothly.
  • Q  How do I register my child/children?

    A   Please click on Register Now to choose from 3 easy options. You can register online. You can also download the registration form from our website, print, fill-in and submit it at our office along with the applicable fee or call 011- 48885800 for more information.


Payments can be made by cheque or draft in favour of EDTERRA EDVENTURES PVT LTD. We also accept credit cards and cash at our office only. We do not accept any part payments. Participant is registered only after the payment is made. Do read the cancellation clause below.

Payment, Cancellation, Inclusions and Exclusions

Inclusions and Exclusions in brief:


  • Maximum of 6 participants sharing accommodation in comfortable tents
  • Road transfer from Delhi to the campsite and back
  • All meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and hot beverages (coffee and tea)
  • Aquagaurd/RO facility (bottled water on request and at additional cost)
  • All instructors, collaterals and travel fee
  • Insurance
  • Meals on the way to the camp location and back (if required)
  • All applicable taxes


  • Airfare, if any
  • Any kind of personal expenses or optional tours, extra meals and beverages ordered, laundry and
  • phone calls
  • Soft drinks
  • Anything that is not expressly mentioned in the inclusions list Payment Terms

Payment Terms

100% Camp fee in advance for confirmation.

Cancellation Policy

  • 14 days prior to departure, Rs 2000 will be deducted.
  • 2 days prior to departure, no refund. is applicable.
  • *** EdTerra can cancel/ call off the program in case there is a threat towards political unrest, in case of natural calamities and in case EdTerra fails to meet the minimum group size requirement.
EdTerra shall, under no circumstances be responsible for natural calamities/ political disasters that occur during the journey and program. However, EdTerra will ensure that the best possible measures are taken to keep the child safe in case any untoward incident occurs during the program.

Program at a glance

  • Total Seats Left: 30
  • Program Fee:

    On Request

  • Venue:

    Camp X Terra - Rani Chowri, Chamba

  • Ages:

    14-16 Years

  • Head Educator:

    Arindita Gogoi

  • Mode of Travel:

    Train (Shtabdi Express) From NDLS


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